"Healing Winds" and Cut & Sew - Release Information

Just want to keep you all updated on the roll out of the "Healing Winds" graphic collection and the associated cut and sew pieces..

The "Healing Winds" Graphic collection will be printed on cut and sew garments as well; with custom construction featuring raglan sleeves among other things that will be discussed more in-depth later. This is a huge step forward for the company so I have been taking my time with the roll-out and release.

The "Healing Winds" graphic collection will be released in tandem with the cut and sew pieces. A more detailed Release Schedule will be provided shortly

Capsule and Agenda Las Vegas

August 15-17

Manta will have a 10x20 booth at Agenda with a few exclusive pieces and collaborations

The Capsule booth will feature the all new cut and sew collecion