Past Reflections - Future Visions

001 / Heartbreaker's Club, Relapse, Healing Winds

Manta's first collection, Heartbreaker's Club explored the relationship I had previous to starting the label. Each graphic was a woman, each piece of the collection told a different part of the story.

Relapse and Healing Winds are continuations of the narrative, with new graphics having been added.

00C / New Friends

New Friends is a culmination of various capsule collections, showing a range of different styles of graphics. Each capsule collection draws inspiration from different aspects of my life.

002 / New Cold War

Manta's second full collection, New Cold War explored the themes of modern day society and the struggles to connect with each other despite having more social media in our lives than ever.

All graphics are sourced from Russia. The text appears to be Russian. Various quotes, most being from 48 Laws of Power.